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It's nighttime and time for bed!
Help the Cocobi friends go to bed and travel to dreamland.

■ Learn Healthy Sleeping Habits
-Bath: Coco needs a bath.
-Brush Teeth: Clean Lobi's dirty teeth.
-Organize: Clean up the messy toys in the living room.
-Pajamas: Put on pajamas before going to bed.
-Bedtime: Put the blanket on and turn off the light for the baby.

■ Enjoy Bonus Games!
-Mermaid Game: Collect bubbles and help the mermaid meet the prince.
-Excavator Game: Ride on the sand and find seashells.
-Constellation: Make a star sign with the stars in the night sky.
-Music Box: Listen to a cozy lullaby.
-Sticker Play: Help Cocobi friends go to bed and get sticker awards.

■ About KIGLE
KIGLE creates fun games and educational apps for kids. We provide free games for kids from 3 to 7 years old. Kids of all ages can play and enjoy our kids' games. Our kids' games promote curiosity, creativity, memory, and concentration in children. KIGLE's free games include popular characters like Pororo the Little Penguin, Cocobi the Little Bus, and Robocar Poli. We create apps for children all around the world, hoping to provide kids with free games that will help them learn and play.

■ Hello Cocobi
Cocobi is a special dinosaur family. Coco is the brave older sister, and Lobi is the little brother full of curiosity. Follow their adventure on the dinosaur island. Coco and Lobi live with their mom, dad, and other dinosaur families on the island.

■ Fun Bedtime Games with Cocobi the Little Dinosaurs
-It's nighttime. Help the Cocobi friends go to bed.

■ Get Ready for Bed and Go On a Dreamland Adventure
-Wash: Wash the face with soap bubbles.
-Brush Teeth: Brush the teeth clean with toothpaste and gargle.
-Dreamland Adventure: Read about mermaids, princesses and faires, and go on an adventure.

■ Get Ready for Bed with Lobi and Dream About Toys
-Clean Up: Put the toys away.
-Bath: Get cleaned up with a bubble bath.
-Toy Dreams: Choose a toy to play with in the dream.

■ Help Mommy Donna Take Care of Baby Lala
-Diapers: Change the dirty diaper.
-Play: Help the baby get sleepy.
-Bedtime: Put the baby in the bed with a blanket.

■ Clean the Dirty House
-Curtain: Close all the curtains.
-Bookshelf: Organize the books.
-Desk: Tidy up the tools on the desk.
-Photo Album: Organize the family photos.
-Naptime: Daddy Bob has fallen asleep on the sofa. Turn off the TV.

■ T-rex Trio Bedtime
-Pillow Fight: Play pillow fight with the T-rexes.
-Bathroom: Help the T-rexes go to the bathroom in the dark.
-Bedtime: Turn off the lights to help them sleep.

■ Help the T-rexes Close Their Shop for the Night
-Close Shop: Organize the bread and bake cookies.
-Floor: Clean the garbage off the floor.
-Sleep at Home: Help the T-rex couple go to bed in their home.

■ Fun Raptor Hide and Seek and Constellation
-Hide and Seek: The raptors don't want to sleep. Find the hiding raptors.
-Constellation: Connect to stars to make star signs.
-Bedtime: Close the windows and turn on the music box to help the raptors sleep.

■ Help Raptor Parents Clean Up
-Laundry: Wash and dry dirty clothes.
-Iron: Iron the wrinkly laundry. Becareful, it's hot!
-Bedtime: The house is clean. Turn off the lights, and help the Raptor parents go to bed.

■Cocobi Good Night is an educational bedtime game for kids. Play and learn about healthy sleeping habits.

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