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This is a fashion dress up model clothing style game! If you love fashion designer apps, this unique fashion app will become your favorite. Come build your own Victoria's Secret supermodel and enter the World Model Contest!

Perfect dress up and makeup design master game! Fashion world gameplay:
Updated daily with unique challenges, model competitions around the world, get high revenge by pk your designs and other designers
Create stylish clothes for your wardrobe for a variety of occasions with your virtual model Sue. Receive the exciting Best Look Award based on user votes.
The luxury wardrobe you've always dreamed of.
In our coveted beauty app, we partner with some of the best luxury brands to bring you the digital wardrobe you deserve. Choose from an exclusive and endless selection of clothing and accessories and buy from real designers
Fashion fan community, as a judge to score each model, and then get paid accordingly
Become a member of a fashion community club, get dressed, share your favorite style tips, and learn from the best. Connect with other users of the adult dress-up app for maximum fun and inspiration.
Exciting competitive spirit.
Take part in challenges, compete against other users, and vote for your favorite look. Earn unique super prizes in our Girls Dress Up app to promote their progress and inspire future style success, not only to create your own stars and world models, but also to gain more wealth and build your own business empire in the fashion industry.
Fashion inspiration.
Find inspiration for self-expression in real life by styling your digital model.
You can dress your virtual models in real luxury brands like Prada, Gucci, Balenciaga, Balmain, you name it. Combine unique makeup and hairstyles created by our artists based on the latest beauty trends.
Vote on looks submitted by other users and haute couture enthusiasts.
Choose your favorite luxury look from a random selection, support your fellow stylists, combine and get a voting bonus. Judge other user-submitted looks, compare your look to others, learn about the latest trends in fashion and makeup, and improve your dressing skills.

What are the differences in the gameplay of supermodels dressing up as masters? Special functional design:
1. Fashion stylists who play different girl roles and give them their own style
2. Participate in PvP and compete with global players
3. Act as a fashion designer and prepare for the fashion show
4. Choose various wedding dresses for fashion queens or super confidential celebrities
5 Collect cash and unlock new accessories to help you embark on your fashion journey, competing with other fashion enthusiasts and stylists
6. Complete the fashion designer's secret mission, win diamonds, as well as exciting competition and fashion show tickets
7. Design wedding dress, makeup, hairstyle, lips, cheeks, etc

All of these features make this Princess Bride fashion game the best choice among all styling games.
Download this supermodel costume master game to create your own fashion queen's dream

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