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Embark on a thrilling f2p adventure in "Magic City Detective: Wrath of the Ocean," a game that combines the intrigue of detective games with the excitement of mystery games and the challenge of hidden object games. Dive into a free-to-play point and click adventure games world where supernatural beings walk among us and a crime city's fate hangs in the balance!

Use your detective games skills to find hidden objects, solve puzzles & brain teasers to prevent a tsunami. As an experienced detective, you are drawn into a whirlwind of point and click adventure games, object hunt, and criminal case solving to prevent a natural disaster!

Shocking news: supernatural beings are living among us! Sometimes, however, they don't hide well enough. Ribeira Lima, the ocean siren, has become the public's favorite in Rio, but the audience never imagined that her role in their lives is much bigger. After all, she is the only one who knows how to soothe the ocean with her magical singing! But now the daughter of the ocean is gone, and there is no one to sing the Song of the Ocean. Meanwhile, an overwhelming tsunami is coming to Rio, ready to sweep away everything in its path. So, you're the only one who can find Ribeira and save the city!

Find Hidden Objects: Sharpen your object hunt skills as you find hidden objects crucial to solving the criminal case of the missing siren. Every level of hidden object games is packed with detailed scenes designed to challenge even the most seasoned fans of mystery games!

Intriguing Detective Games Challenges: As a detective, use your powers of deduction to navigate through the twists and turns of a f2p adventure. Solve puzzles & brain teasers that test your object hunt skills!

Dynamic Adventure Elements: In an epic f2p adventure your decisions will influence the outcome of mystery detective games. Engage with characters, solve crimes and mysteries, and decide their fates as you journey through the point and click adventure games!

Puzzles and Brain Teasers Solving: Enjoy a variety of puzzles that require keen attention to object hunt and find hidden objects. Brain teasers are a step closer to solving the criminal case and saving the crime city from a tsunami!

Rich Storytelling and Atmosphere: Discover a story rich with mystery, f2p adventure, and hidden object games elements. Explore the narratives of characters & solve crimes and mysteries that lie beneath the surface of mystery games!

Casual Gameplay for All Skill Levels: Whether you are a veteran of detective games or new to the genre of mystery hidden object games, "Magic City Detective" offers a balanced hidden object games experience that caters to all levels of players!

Will you rise to the challenge and find hidden objects before it's too late? Play for free and find out!

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Embark on a thrilling f2p adventure of detective games, where hidden objects games, object hunt, and mystery games mixed together! Find hidden objects, solve crimes and mysteries, puzzles & brain teasers, to finish the criminal case of hidden object games!

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